Linker Lube

Product Details

  • USDA Authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Linker Lube I, USDA Grade H-1, is a safe and effective lubricant for food and beverage processing facilities where incidental food contact may occur. Linker Lube II, USDA Grade H-2, is a quality general purpose grease designed for a wide range of applications where there is no contact with edible products or components.
  • Longer Equipment Life: Contains special additives to reduce wear on metal-to-metal surfaces. Extends life of equipment. An excellent lubricant for bearings, bushings, slides, rollers, cam followers and other wear points.
  • Cut Lubricant Costs: Linker Lube offers exceptional adhesive and cohesive qualities. It adheres to working surfaces longer, resisting pound-outs under pressure. You reduce the amount of grease used and associated costs.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Withstands effects of steam and temperature extremes. Exceptional operating range.
  • Water Resistant: Linker Lube is highly water resistant. It stays in place and keeps on protecting, even during frequent washdowns. Grease loss is significantly reduced.
  • Added Protection: Linker Lube features an effective bacteriostatic preservative that retards the growth of bacteria which often breed in conventional lubricants and aids cleaning and hygiene programs. j Available in Convenient Cartridges: Handy and efficient. Per-case discounts (50 cartridges) offered. Also avilable in 35 pound pails.
  • Discover the Difference: Try Linker Lube soon. The bottom-line benefits are better protection of your machines and equipment, less waste, and increased effectiveness, in any applications where USDA H-1 or H-2 grade lubricants are required.

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