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Linker Machines provides automatic linking and peeling machinery for sausage producers with over 80 years of experience in manufacturing food-processing equipment to the sausage producer. The TY® Linker and TY® Peeler provide quick and easy versatility to your production, no matter how big or small. Our many years of experience will help make the perfect shop even better. We believe that a machine is only as good as the service that supports it and that attitude shows in our excellent customer service.We build our machines as maintenance conscience as possible and provide same day shipping to get you your parts as quickly as we can to have minimal down time. Linker Machines tries very hard to keep in touch with our customers through national and state conventions as well as check up calls and local advertising in state newsletters. We strive to be available at all hours of the day for both foreign and domestic customers through the telephone and email. With thousands of machines in the field for over 80 years Linker Machines has become a common name and proved its staying power in the meat industry. We look forward to helping you with your next project and will contribute all of our expertise and exemplary service to achieve the best possible results for you.

Meat Processing Association Certified

Linker Machines participates in many of the meat processing associations. Linker actively attends many different trade shows to keep in contact with existing customers as well as meet new ones. Nothing is more important to us than having your confidence in our ability to support our machines.


Linker Machines

For more than 80 years, Linker Ma­chines in Rockaway,  New Jersey has been at the forefront of the meat industry, manufacturing low cost linking ma­chines for the pro­ducer. Linker equip­ment has stood the test of time. 

Linker got its start back in the late 1920s when Pro­fessor Lucifer G. Butts constructed a linking machine, revolutionizing the industry. Comprised of gears, wheels, bicycle chains, and even sections of men’s garters, the first Linker was born. 

The invention was brought to Henry Cohn in New York with the hopes that Cohn would back the invention. Skep­tical and somewhat reluctant, Cohn allowed Butts to dem­onstrate its ability, and he was amazed that this hodge podge of odds and ends could actually link sausages, a task which up until then, had to be done by hand. Excited, Cohn visited packing plants and was assured by all he met that a linking machine would do the job faster, at a lower cost, and would be welcomed by the industry. 

Cohn attempted to develop a better model without the kinks of the original, but it would take several redesigns before a more streamlined rendition would actually surface. Eventually, the machine was perfected under the direction of Merrit G. Perkins and his team of engineers. The manufacturing and management of Linker Machines remained under the guidance of the Perkins family until 1994. 

Today, the tradition continues under the direction of Jean Hebrank's sons, whom after being trained by Ed Berg (60 years with the company) and having worked 25 years with company as well, carry on in their Mother and Father's footsteps to bring the industry a variety of high-quality staff, (including Ed Berg, 60 years with the company) Linker Machines is able to offer the meat in­dustry a variety of high-quality, low cost machines. 

Among them are TY-Linker 90ACL, TY-Linker 122ACL, TY-­Linker MF700, TY-Linker ST005, TY­-Peeler PS760L, PS3000 Peeler, and the TY-Tilt Top Truck 400. As pio­neers in the indus­try, Linker has met the expectations of its reputation by of­fering products with unprecedented versatility. Linkers self-adjust to diameter, and the user may change the length of the link with a turn of a dial. Users will also find them capable of linking lengths from one to fourteen inches, and even the most drastic change in length can be accomplished in under two minutes. At half the price of others, the TY-Peeler PS760L is the best machine for skinless products. With a self-contained vacuum system, it requires only a compressed air source for easy-to-peel casing. Like the TY Linkers, the TY-Peeler will handle 18-38mm cas­ings. It operates at 7200-11000 feet per hour and can peel “thread tied” or “twist linked” products. Like all Linker products, they are made in the USA. 

With refreshed ownership have come many changes. The MF690 was improved to become the new MF700, the PS3000 more compact peeler design and the ST005 faster, sleeker linker was added. Stock level of replacement parts has drastically increased to better service Linker’s customers; new machines are ready to be shipped; and Linker Lube, a general purpose, food-grade grease for all food equip­ment was introduced. 

Once again, Linker is a demonstrated pioneer in the industry with the introduction of their pepperoni peeler, the PS760P. At the customer’s request, Linker modi­fied the PS760L TY-Peeler to peel pepperoni, and it has been perfected to peel the product at an amazing rate of over 7000 feet per hour.