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The Original Linker Machine

SInce 1938 Linker Machines has become the brand of the industry. Providing simple, elegant, efficient and reliable equipment to the sausage industry.

Welcome to Linker Machines

We have manufactured the TY®- Linker and TY®- Peeler since 1939. This site was designed to give you a detailed message of our equipment and how it may serve your production. Our machines handle all casing types to give your production the flexibility that leads to profit! Please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives ( with any further questions.


Linker Machines provides automatic linking and peeling machinery with over 80 years of experience in manufacturing food-processing equipment to the sausage producer.


With thousands of machines in the field since 1939, Linker Machines has become a common name and proved its staying power in the meat industry.


We build our machines as maintenance conscience as possible and provide same day shipping to get you your parts as quickly as we can to have minimal down time.


Take a look below to see what some of our customers are saying

Ernst A. lllg Meats Inc.
Ernst A. lllg

Ernst A. Illg Meats, incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1958 by Ernst A. Illg, began the manufacture of authentic German ethnic meat food products at the wholesale and retail level for consumers in Philadelphia. In 1964 the Company moved to Warrington Pennsylvania to accommodate growth. Until 1978 all sausage production was relegated to "hand linking".Upon having purchased the first TY® Linker from Linker Machines in 1978, the initial reaction was a sense of amazement. Being a progressive thinker, Ernst knew that this machine would be instrumental to future growth and success. In 1984 a second TY® Linker was purchased to accommodate the growth that ensued from the first purchase. In 2005 a new model ST005 TY® Linker was purchased that has proven to continue the excellence in performance that began for us with our first Ty Linker in 1978. In 1980, a TY® Peeler was purchased to accommodate the production of skinless Frankfurters which, until that time, were all hand peeled one-by-one. The efficiency of the equipment during processing reduced labor costs dramatically.Thanks to the continuing efforts of Linker Machines and their superior staff of professionals, the processing of the various types of sausage products has become far less labor intensive and consistent in quality results. The ability to enhance product quality through the use of natural membrane or artificial carriers with one application of equipment is extremely helpful in reducing re-tooling downtime and increasing proficiency and profitability.Having procured a reliable source for equipment and expertise, we are grateful to have Linker Machines as a supplier. The equipment that they provide has been pivotal in the continuing success of our business. The service that they provide regarding the maintenance of the equipment is always performed in a timely and efficient manner permitting focus on other critical factors within the industry. We are truly fortunate to have a company like Linker Machines in the United States of America and we look forward to a continuation of the relationship that we have garnered through their continued insight, integrity and professionalism.

The Sausage Shop
Norm Heinle

 This marks 49 years I have been in the sausage business. In 1974 I bought a 1945 used Linker from Chippewa Meats. Rhinehart Lesky, the owner knew that machine in and out. He said I would not be disappointed. “You take care of that machine and it will take care of you.” He died and his machine lived on. In November of 1986 at auction I bought a 90ACL-1H single head linker. It came with the manual; a luxury I never had with the old two headed model. I called Linker Machines Incorporated if parts were still available and EDDY was another Rhinehart Lesky. He diagnosed the machine’s problems by listening to it over the phone. 3/20/1997 Dennis, my youngest son and I took it to my hotel room in Columbus OHIO for an annual OAMP convention. There the NEW generation, Rob and Mike checked over that machine, installed new knife hooks and made 1 hour of adjustments. Needless to say when we got back to Cleveland, the machine had never run better. Finally after owning that machine 3 months short of 20 years, Carol and I drove it to Rockaway, New Jersey the home and only location of Linker Machines. Michael put the machine on the BENCH and did a major overhaul for the next 6 hours. Now it was like Christmas morning to a 4 years old. Two years later and the machine runs as smooth as the day Michael installed new pieces parts and made adjustments. PS I can be reached at The Sausage Shoppe if you own or want to own a Linker and have any questions.

Haen Meat Packing Inc.
Tom Haen

 Haen Meat Packing Inc. purchased our Ty-Peeler in May 2001. We have been very satisfied with the Ty-Peeler’s performance and durability. The machines compact design and ability to peel all sizes of sausages without needing a steam connection was a major selling point to our small facility. After our purchase, the ease of operation and time savings in labor was the final result. Thank you Linker Machines for helping the “small guy”.