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90ACL Linker click here

90ACL Linker

Product Details:

  • Change the length with the turn of a dial in seconds with no extra parts for sizes 2.5" to 14". Machines can be specially ordered to link smaller than 2.5".
  • Handles all casing types; natural(including hog and sheep), cellulose, and collagen with no part changes. String tying saves substantial amounts of expensive casing.
  • Links 70 uniform links per minute on any length for 16mm to 40mm in width with optional “H” parts necessary for widths above 36 mm.
  • Perfect for the producer who makes a wide variety of products.

Technical Specifications:

  • The machine can be set for 110 or 220 volt
  • 50 hz or 60 hz
  • Dimensions: 33" L x 20" W x 24" H
  • Weight: 176 pounds

Demonstration Video: 90ACL Linker

Cick the graphic below to view the demonstration video.

90ACL Video Link

An MPEG4 player is required to view the video.
Our default player is Windows Media Player.

You can download an alternative free media player from the following link:

To play the QuickTime version of the video, please click here.
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